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Best Surf Gift Rules

The Rules of Surfival, Our surf gift to you

Surf Stoke Rules

This list is a fun collection of many important rules we have learned over the years. Surfing not an easy sport to master. With many unwritten rules that most surfers learn the hard way, or are forgotten the better we get, keeping them in mind helps keep surf sessions fun, which is what we are all about. Whether you are a new surfer or experienced; grom or a pro, give these a read. If you have an addition, please send it in and we just may add it in with credit to you! Master the Art!

  • Stoke is contagious.
  • Don’t think of it as a break from work to surf. Yer just taking a break from the surf to work.
  • Give more waves than you take. Karma is magnified in the ocean.
  • Surf with a buddy. Proving you pull off a trick or a gnarly late drop requires a witness!
  • Never exaggerate the wave size. Chances are someone within ear shot was also surfing.
  • Don’t mess up another surfer’s line. If it means you have to take a set wave on the head as you paddle out, so be it.
  • Sticking your sandy feet in work socks is a drag. Always carry some water to rinse.
  • Every surfer was once a beginner. Share the rules of the line-up if they break them, instead of giving the middle finger.
  • If you had a crappy day, or traffic sucked getting to the surf, leave it on the beach.
  • Surfing is not a sport. It’s a lifestyle. When you go to sleep at night, you should be remembering your last wave, or anticipating your next one.
  • Always let a buddy tell their surf story, even if you have heard it a hundred times. Then when they finish, you can tell yours.
  • And most importantly.....It’s always, ALWAYS, better than it looks.
SUP Stoke Rules

These are still being compiled and added to regularly so check back in a few paddles for more! Thank you to Wade Williford of Caveman Granola and Scott Boyles for your support and contributions to these.

  • Don’t leave your paddle leaning on the back of the car when heading home from paddling.
  • Remember your paddle when you leave the house.
  • Use extra caution when loading and unloading boards from the roof rack in high winds.
  • SUP Surfers, your etiquette or lack thereof reflects on all of us, don’t be "that guy/gal" (see below for more SUP Surf rules)!
  • When necessary remind newbies in a respectful way to turn their paddle around.
  • Carry an extra set of tie downs for your roof rack.
  • Carry some extra foam or some other type of cushion for stacking more than 1 board on your roof rack. In a pinch put air in your SUPvival dry bag and use it as a barrier between boards.
  • Leashes and/or a PFD make you live longer.
  • Race etiquette, to draft or not to draft. Regardless, do your time in the front of the train!
  • Tuck your blade between your arm and the board to carry both with one hand.
  • Fin down on roof rack if you have a low garage door opening.
  • SUP board bags make a great sleeping bag in a pinch.
  • For most downwind paddles there is an upwind return. Plan you course wisely.
  • PFD’s may be a legal requirement, check local regulations.
  • A board on the beach deck down looks like a dance floor to small children.
  • Please be aware that the local surfer may not be quite as excited about you and your new board in the line-up as you are. Respect other delusions of turf. Yes it’s an odd thing to consider in a massive natural environment, but be mindful.
  • Enjoy allowing others to take that wave you wanted and could’ve easily taken.
  • When walking behind a car loaded with boards remember to duck.
  • Lock your board if necessary.
  • Fast food drive thru restaurants and coffee shops may not be conducive to your board on the roof rack. (fast-food definitely isn’t conducive to your health).

  • Know your ability and the surf break you are going to surf. Beginning SUP surfers can be a bigger danger to those in the water and to yourself if you do not know the dynamics of a SUP board and the power of the wave.
  • Know the restrictions where you can or cannot SUP surf as SUP surfing may not be suitable at a given break and or area. If you don’t know ask a lifeguard or someone that has knowledge of the particular break.
  • Be conscious of others in the water both paddling out and where you are in the surf line up. A SUP board will get away from you much further than a surfboard and also drag you further going through a wave and when you fall. Give yourself twice the distance you would on a surfboard from others on both sides and behind you when paddling out and especially when you fall, be sure to plan ahead and give ample room to those paddling out.
  • Be respectful out in the line up particularly when you are not at your home break. If you are not a local or even are a local don’t paddle around everyone to the priority position and or outside. Work your way into the line up by catching some in between waves and gain respect of others that are out in the water.
  • Once you are at the main peak or line up be willing to give up some waves to others and even call out set waves that may be coming. This will go far for you to catch waves and gain respect from surfers. An experienced SUP surfer can catch twice as many waves as a traditional surfer and everyone is trying to catch their fair share, so be fair and share as much as possible.
  • Take a break and sit on your board when you can. This will show other surfers that you are willing to pass up waves and give some waves to others.
  • Go out of your way to be kind and help others. In most cases you will be judged by others even before you get in the water.
  • Help those who don’t know. If you see a beginning SUP surfer that does not know surf etiquette, inform them in a kind way about the rules and or restrictions. In the end it will benefit all of us in the water.
  • WEAR a LEASH! Don’t try to be cool and think that you don’t have to wear a leash. All it takes is one fall to wipeout someone else’s day or life.If you follow these simple guidelines when you are in the water with surfers you will gain a lot of respect from others and for the sport of SUP surfing. “We set the standard today for what will happen in the future of SUP surfing”. “Keep the Vibe”
* Please note that these particular rules are posted in many places and the author(s) is not currently known to properly credit. Should someone have info on their authorship, we would be happy to acknowledge them.

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